The Brand

Beidon was a start Digital agency specialising in website design.
Was needed a brand image to capture their core message and a website to reflect their work.
The aim was to create a fun and colourful brand concept that incorporated the logo text and a logotype stamp. After throwing around a couple of different ideas, an illustrative approach seemed to be the way to go.

The Illustrations

I created illustrative infographics, clean pages and portfolio templates to entertain and engage visitors.
I sketched out this simple character on paper first to figure out the visual direction.

Once I was happy with the basic concept, I moved into Illustrator and used simple shapes and flat colours to complete the character.

The Website

The branding had established quite a strong visual style which gave me a pretty good idea of what the website would look like.
Beidon wanted to build a portfolio section which they could use to outreach their potential clients and create brand awareness.

Through a cartoony design, the website would draw attention and captured engagement with animated slides and illustrations.

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