Floom, Florists Order Dashboard

Floom’s florists main tool is the Order dashboard where they receive new orders and track the status of all orders.

They need a better experience, a lean user interface where key information like:
Product name, Delivery date, Order status are easy to find so they feel in control of their operations.

The audience

Shop assistant
Delivery person


We are going to connect with our florists at almost every step of their business operations.

Receive orderPrepare orderOrder out for deliveryOrder delivered.


Florists spend most of their time in their shop although, in operation like delivery they might need to leave the shop and be outside for some time. I assume they would appreciate the flexibility of being able to check and manage their business on the go from their smartphone.


The main need we are addressing is to enable florists to better be in control of their business, to do so, I believe these are the questions florists should be able to answer when using the dashboard:

How many orders do I have in progress?
Which of the orders need my attention first?


Group the orders under tabs, present critical information quickly to florists as they are engaged in time-sensitive tasks and clearly show current status through “colour-coded” labels and present related filters to support actions.

I believe the dashboard could also be an app or mobile app providing mobile experience when on the go.

Problem Solved

I will be surfacing two main goals: Informational – Providing an overview of delivery dates, addresses and states. Navigational – Providing quick access to the main areas and actions.

Mapping out the customer’s journey – Getting a picture of what interactions need support.

Dashboard content areas

I’d build our dashboard to have three content parts.

Detailed layout for our dashboard

I would group orders within tabs in the main navigation – Today, Tomorrow, See all. Florists would therefore concentrate on the orders which need their attention first.

Card layout

Interface Design

Card Layout where the right amount of information is clearly displayed and main actions are are easily accessible.


A smooth experience, a clean and functional user interface where the key information as Product name, Delivery date, Order status are highlighted helping florists to confidently manage their operations.