Gousto Rebrand

Gousto is an online food service that supplies subscribers with recipe kit boxes which include ready-measured, fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes.


Two months to implement and deliver the assets of the rebrand into the user interface of IOS App, Android app and website.

Maintaining a smooth flow of communication between Brand, Digital Product and developers to improve the usability of the digital products.

"No problemo"

A streamlined design prototyping process was set up creating an effective way of sharing the prototypes and design between teams, showing the interfaces within the right platform setting the experience and the expectations.



Some of the mobile and apps screens designed

UI Styleguide

The consolidate design language and pattern elements have been applied across all the Gousto's digital platforms.

Colour palette

Extract of page structure




Outcomes and achievements

Going through a website redesign is not a joke for a solo-product designer, but what a great challenge!

A fresh brand’s online presences was established, a sleeker user interface and a website that’s way more attractive than the competition.