Gousto the Onboarding Journey

Gousto is an online food service that supplies subscribers with recipe kit boxes which include ready-measured, fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes.

Target and Challenge

Gousto has a broad target, but users that are most likely to be retained and start using the product regularly becoming loyal customers are families and time poor couples.
The challenge of this project was to improve the "Onboarding journey" of prospective customers and remove any of the confusion and usability issues generated by the previous solution.

Problems solved

Prospective customer engages with Gousto for the first time. They might have been referred by a friend or come across a Gousto ad. Two main problems need to be addressed:

1. Prospects don’t understand Gousto subscription model.
2. On the menu, they don’t know exactly how many recipes they can add/need to add to their basket to carry on to checkout.

Previous flow

User clicks on a Gousto Facebook ad, visits then the landing page where decides to get started, sets up address, date and time slots for delivery, chooses recipes and places an order. Founds out he has subscribed to a plan only when he receives a second box from Gousto.

Mh.. not good.

New Flow

To avoid frustration and increase retention, one of the pain-point was identified on the Landing page. This needed to better explain how the subscription worked.

The wizard would guide them through the setting up of a plan where the user chooses for how many people he’d be cooking for and how many recipes they’d like to be delivered.

The basket on the menu would then act as a tutorial reflecting the choices made on the wizard.

Now, that’s better!

Landing page

A simplified layout where the information is clear and the call to action stand out.

Landing Page

On scroll


Get Started

Set up plan


Date and time

Menu and Basket

Menu and basket

Basket open and checkout

Basket interaction

Outcomes and achievements

The design and Hi-fi prototypes produced in the short time span of three months, built in close collaboration with the Research team, helped the teams at Gousto to understand the pain-points of the previous marketing strategy/messaging and Product managers to better understand customer behaviour leading them to exercise informed actions.