KKCL English College

KKCL is a Private Language School. The website is mostly used by students looking for specific English courses.

Target and Challenge

KKCL English wanted a corporate image restyling and a modernised version of their website to present their services through a clean, minimalist approach. The main goal for this project was to increase the conversion rate by reducing content on the site and simplifying the user journey.
Top of the list of requirements was to make the website cross-platform compatible.

Problems solved

The college needed a modern and professional identity and a website that would reflect the same qualities. Prospective students would engage with KKCL for the first time when looking for a course scanning through the information easily and applying for a program.

Simplicity to make the brand memorable.
The design process started with the logo creation, identifying in a geometrical shape the best way to enforce dominance of the stamp typography.

A templated approach

To visualise the different areas and understand the positioning of each piece of content, two main templates where identified.


Course page


A clean navigation to help users navigate the website.
An overview of the available courses sits in the middle of the homepage.

Outcomes and achievements

Analyzing visitor behaviour on the homepage and the product pages, prospective customers found the information retrieval intuitive and straightforward, accessing offers, filling out provided application forms. All this made the redesigned website a really successful project.