The Question

What is KKCL English, how do they communicate their message?

KKCL is a Private Language School. The website is mostly used by students looking for specific English courses.
KKCL English, wanted a corporate image restyling and a modernised version of their website to reflect the new brand through a clean, minimalist approach to present their services. The new design to increase conversion by minimising content on the site and simplifying the user journey.
Top of the list of requirements was to make the website cross-browser compatible.

The Team


Graphic Design, Web Design, Visual Design

William Corner

Project Lead, Video Production


01. Logo

Simplicity to make the brand memorable.
The design process started with the logo, identifying in a geometrical shape a way to enforce dominance of the stamp typography.

02. Brand Guidelines

To ensure brand consistency and make the utilization of this new identity easier for KKCL, a guide book was produced that detailed every aspect for the use of their brand.

03. Wireframes

I designed the wireframe for the main pages to visualise the different areas and understand the positioning of each piece of content.

04. Website

Clean navigation, helping users to easily find and navigate the site, with a particular focus on “courses pages”. When users can find what they’re looking for, they spend more time on the website, bounce rates decline and conversions increase.
The visual guidelines established were applied to the web pages.


01. Social Media

The design was applied to the social media pages in order to achieve a strong narrative across platforms and mediums, giving to KKCL a curated look.

02. Video

The design is featured as an integral part of the videos production, enforcing the established corporate identity.


Brand consistency is the key to success.