The Question

How do you find a mood-match content to watch, read or listen?

Well-being in common understanding relies on happiness and defines itself in terms of pleasure attainment. Considering the nature of well-being in a moment of relaxing and going down to simple free-time in our culture, this could largely be related to web browsing. Scouring the internet looking for something that really interests us, very often takes time and time.
Socialmood will present a list of content direct linked with the user mood state in just a few steps, mood-matched, precise-search towards well-being.

My role

Creative concept & Visual design


The Idea

I started off with thinking of how a user would interact with the web app on the go.
Socialmood through a simple and colorful visual design will let users choose the content to better match their mood, ensuring the best browsing experience.

The Facts

The Socialmood User is curious, loves social media sharing and is constantly looking for specific topics-fresh news.


01. Logo

The design process began with the logo creation. Thinking about the different moods in the human nature inevitably lead to a face expression.

02. Wireframes

The aim was to visually design a solution that could allow the user to quickly find exactly what they were looking for.
Below the detailed wireframes I made of each screen for the “Play task” in order to visualize the flow and understand the positioning of each element.

03. Task Flow

I moved on getting the “play task flow diagram” to map the screens.
The diagram describes the task flow of this particular system from the point of view of the user considering all the touch-points.

04. Mockups

Based on the structure, I moved to design the mockups following the guidelines established with the logo design.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein