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The Exhibition

In the August 2015, I was commissioned to design branding and graphic assets for an Exhibition in Italy. Lungro would host “Lavori in Corso” and major artists and artisans from different backgrounds would take the stage leading workshops and explaining their work process.

My role

Creative concept & graphic design

Linda Cervellera



Showcasing some of the best artists from the "Cosentino" Area, The Lic Exhibition would have needed to be properly highlighted.
Lavori in Corso wanted to reach a large audience, I would have to create an identity that captured the different shades of the exhibition.


01. Logo

I began with an initial accumulation of information, when the design guidelines were established I proceeded with the creation of different concepts.

02. Design

After the logo was established I went on developing brand standards and overseeing their application to new collateral materials.
The design had a distinct visual look and all the elements were blended together in a rainbow of colors.


“You have to be interested in culture to design for it.”

Lorraine Wild